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Okay so I have a complaint

by on Jun.04, 2014, under General

I have an AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and i have had it for about 8 months or so. It is claimed to be a "Flagship phone". With that being said, it is still running Android 4.3!!! Not to mention the #heartbleed vulnerability left unpatched. WTF is going on #Samsung / +AT&T  I seriously doubt that I will buy a non-developer type phone ever again. It was said this phone would see Android 4.4 around January. Patiently I have waited and still nothing. To top that all off this phone has a terrible locked bootloader so without some strange convoluted method of running another firmware side by side with the stock one, I cannot even upgrade to #Cyanogenmod even if I wanted to. So frustrated with AT&T and Samsung at the moment. The #Nexus 5 is looking better and better. Sadly I love and use the S-Pen and would miss it greatly.

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I am using #CyanogenMod 's cm-10.2-20130814-NIGHTLY-quincyatt on my Note and…

by on Aug.24, 2013, under General

I am using #CyanogenMod 's cm-10.2-20130814-NIGHTLY-quincyatt on my Note and I am wondering why it was the only 10.2 nightly offered? There seems to be continued development and releases of the 10.1 series of ROM's. What have I missed here? I runs pretty good on my phone I have some issues with the screen coming on from sleeping or just being turned off (the screen not the phone) and some occasional random reboots. I am excited to see the 10.2 line progress but I guess I'm just confused as to why there was only one nightly released and the 10.1's continue. Anyone have any thoughts or insight? Thanks.

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Cyanongenmod 7.1.0 on Samsung Captivate.

by on Oct.23, 2011, under Android, Linux, Tech

So for about a year now I have been playing with ROM’s on my Samsung Captivate. The two most recent were were Atomic Fusion which I loved but was suffering from some instability issues when I received phone calls. The phone would just reboot. As I’m sure you can imagine, this was unacceptable. I will say I loved the other aspects of this ROM and the themes were very cool even though they changed with almost every release. I wanted something else. So I’ve know about Cyanogenmod for quite a while and followed the development over the last year or so. I finally decided to give it a shot since upgrading from another ROM was a piece of cake. I chose the stable release of CM 7.1.0. The customization capabilities of this ROM are almost endless. Themes are prevalent, options are many, and the speed of the ROM is purely awesome. I feel this ROM is almost perfect. The one huge gripe I have with it is the fact that it seems to drain the battery insanely fast. I used to get a full 12 – 16 hour day on one charge of the battery. However, now I can’t get though a 10 hour work day if I use the phone for 1/2 hour on lunch break. Now I must say I keep the phone in Airplane Mode when not in use. I find that this reduces the phone from constantly searching for a 3G signal. My work building doesn’t have great service in the center of the building where I work. Nearer to the outer walls, I get decent service. I have about 137 apps installed and use most all of them regularly. Many are games but about as many more are utilities like ConnectBot, Titanium Backup, ClockworkMod Rom Manager, Root Explorer, SMS Backup & Restore, SuperPower, SwiftFTP, Hacker’s Keyboard, Network Discovery, and many more. I have chosen to replace the stock SMS app with Hancent SMS, Gallery with QuickPic, and the stock browser with Dolphin Browser HD. I am using the stock ADW Launcher at the moment but I also use GoLauncher EX and I have purchased LauncherPro as well. I am searching for a way to extend my battery life to what I saw with the Fusion ROM. I will report more if I find a solution. I just downloaded the Glitch Kernel from the XDA-Developers forums. Supposedly they have better luck with battery life running this Kernel on my phone. We shall see. It can be found here:

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