Countdown Special Comment: Olbermann gets it right again!

by on Dec.07, 2007, under General, Political

Kieth Olbermann is right on target as ususal. The neocons hate government and want to detroy it by starting wars and spending money until the government ceases to function. Mr. Bush has destroyed the constitution as we knew it. The lies, the corruption, just blows my mind. It’s time to impeach him but, nobody has enough votes to carry it out.

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Wake up America, the Media ARE Controlling 2008 Election!

by on Dec.07, 2007, under General, Political

This has gone on too long and we can’t sit back and let major news corporations determine the fate of this once great nation. We must change policy and keep the mainstream media from running and ruining our lives.

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Ron Paul Campaign Has Top Day in 2008 Election Cycle

by on Nov.10, 2007, under Political

Ron Paul has broken the record for the most money raised in a single day as a result of the November 5th “Money Bomb” project that Paul supporters have organized over the internet.

By 6:30pm he had already broken Mitt Romney’s record of 3.1 million raised in a single day!

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by on Oct.29, 2007, under Political

This is quite disturbing and it checks out on

You will not see this heart-stopping photo on the front page of the NY Times or on the lead story of the major news networks. The protesters put up the Mexican flag over the American flag flying upside down at Montebello High School in California.

I predict this stunt will be the nail in the coffin of Any guest-worker/amnesty plan on the table in Washington . The image of The American flag subsumed to another and turned upside down on American Soil is already spreading on Internet forums and via e-mail.

Share this with every American citizen you know and to every representative in the state and federal Government. If you choose to remain uninvolved, do not be amazed when You no longer have a nation to call your own nor anything you have worked for left since it will be “redistributed” to the activists while you are so peacefully staying out of the “fray”. Check history, it is full of nations/empires that disappeared when its citizens no longer held their core beliefs and values. One person CAN make a difference. One plus one plus one plus one plus one plus one. . .

The battle for our secure borders and immigration laws That actually mean something, however, hasn’t even begun.

If this ticks YOU off…PASS IT ON!!!!

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