I am using #CyanogenMod 's cm-10.2-20130814-NIGHTLY-quincyatt on my Note and I am wondering why it was the only 10.2 nightly offered? There seems to be continued development and releases of the 10.1 series of ROM's. What have I missed here? I runs pretty good on my phone I have some issues with the screen coming on from sleeping or just being turned off (the screen not the phone) and some occasional random reboots. I am excited to see the 10.2 line progress but I guess I'm just confused as to why there was only one nightly released and the 10.1's continue. Anyone have any thoughts or insight? Thanks.

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  1. Jenkins doesn't seem to be the easiest to navigate. I did some searching. I guess I'll just have to be patient. Maybe they were having build issues with my device after the initial 10.2 nightly. I'm sure it will come eventually it always does. I get too excited like a kid in a candy store. Hahahahaaaa!!!

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